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Ancestry Club

Explore your past in a friendly and supportive club.

The Ancestry Club is based at Acklam Library and Community Hub and takes place on Tuesdays at 1.00 pm. If you would like to take part please use the form at the foot of this page or call us on 01642 729392.

The fellow on the right is our Digital Inclusion advisor Steve Thompson, he's been around a while! Many families have photos like this in their collection. Why not bring them in and have them scanned?

We have a pleasant corner in Acklam Library (see below) and you may even get a cup of tea.

Acklam Library has a license for and we'll show you how to use it to search for your ancestors. You could find documents and images going back years! One of our members, David hit pay dirt on day one as a member of his family had already done some research (see family tree below) Realistically it could take some digging to find your ancestors but we'll show you how and you'll have fun and be in good company along the way. We can also show you some free digital tools that could help as well and we'' help you get started if you want to use those - click here for more information on digital tools for family history research

We should add: It's not all digital. Before coming to the Ancestry Club talk to your relatives and gather what information you can such as birth dates and places of birth. Also gather together whatever documents and photographs you can find.

If you'd like to attend the club or just want more information please enter your details below

Thank you. We'll be in touch

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