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Rekindle Research Revisited

Yesterday the Rekindle Research Group met again for the first time in over two years. This was at our usual base at Acklam Community Hub and Library. Present were, Edna & Leonard Reddy, Lynn Horseman and Steve Thompson. Unfortunately our new member John Fletcher could not attend.

We covered two main subjects:

  1. QR Codes and informative content.

  2. Radio Rekindle (podcasting)

New week we plan to make a start on experiments with QR Codes and content. We’ll probably start with something around Smith Park for Ann Thomas based at Marton Library. Leonard also wants to start ripping apart old technology and renewing it.

At one point an interesting conversation began about “perceptions of old people”. This was heading in an interesting direction so we may re-stage that as a piece of Radio Rekindle.

Lynn and Edna comparing smartphones

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