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Women's Voices On International Women's Day

Friday the 8th of March was International Women's Day and the Women's Group of Rekindle Research had been hard spent the previous month producing an exhibition, a collection of stories from Lady Florence Bell's book "At The Works". The book, researched between 1870 and the turn of the century tells of the working lives of citizens in early industrial Middlesbrough. The present-day Women of the research group recorded their voices telling the stories of the women of the time. These were presented in the MyPlace (Custom House) garden. Philippa Storey, Deputy Mayor of Middlesbrough was guest of honour as the exhibition was launched. There is an excellent report of the event on the Middlesbrough Council website

Mayoral Assistant, Miah Nath kindly sent us some pictures of the event. (see below)

The group also produced a booklet available on the day, a taster for a much bigger project - a book about Inspirational Women of Middlesbrough. Download the PDF in the link below.

Women's Day Leaflet V4.1.Final
Download PDF • 8.16MB

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