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New Laptops For Old

A new pilot project being run by the Staying Put Agency’s Rekindle project can give your laptop a new lease of life.

Has your machine become sluggish? Does it feel like you are wading through treacle? Installing the Chrome operating system onto an old laptop, giving it a new lease of life.


This effectively turns your laptop into a “Chromebook” and you’ll be surprised how much quicker it can become.

Armed with your refreshed machine you may wish to attend a “free Google Tools” workshop to learn how to do everything you need to do on your new Chrome operating system.Recent participants of the scheme said they loved the way their machines now operate. If you are interested in the scheme and or attending a Google free tools workshop or simply wish to find out more. Just call this telephone number.


01642 727 305


Leave your name and number and say “chrome” and we’ll get back to you

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