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A digital inclusion service for adults in Middlesbrough

Rekindle: Digital Inclusion  (see also: What is Digital Inclusion?)
The Rekindle Research Group

The Rekindle digital Inclusion service was created to address digital inequality through reducing the barriers to digital inclusion and to support Middlesbrough Council's adult social care vision. A vision that comprehensively rethinks around how we deliver services and develop practical solutions to provide strong social value; and inspire new approaches that focus on prevention, self-help and independent living.

The programme ensures that each individual has the right device for their needs, is able to have a connectivity solution that works for them and has an appropriate level of skill and knowledge to enable them to partake in the online activities of their choice. The service has succeeded in supporting many older, disabled and marginalised individuals to confidently use digital tools to enhance their lives.

Our digital inclusion offer has since grown to incorporate a team of Rekindle Researches, former participants and volunteers who work alongside our Rekindle team to co-design digital solutions to improve life outcomes for our Middlesbrough Residents.

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