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Rekindle delivers "person-centric" support to achieve digital inclusion for adults living in the Middlesbrough area.

What is digital inclusion?

We believe it is this:

When a person is assisted or facilitated to do something they want to do and/or need to do that is better achieved using digital methods or can only be done using digital methods.

There is a Government framework document "Essential Digital Skills" that states the following:

The fast pace of technological change and the ubiquity of digital technologies in all aspects of work and life places new demands on everyone. The Essential Digital Skills Framework defines the skills needed to safely benefit from, participate in and contribute to the digital world of today and the future. 

Click here to read the full framework document

We're delivering these digital skills in several different ways. One-to-one or group sessions. Home visits or at local venues. Online support including video tutorials and support documents. We're also using Google Earth as our support and  learning platform (click here for more info)

We're using innovative approaches that are tailored to the individual or socially delivered in groups. The Rekindle Research Group is made up of past and current participants. The group are developing new ideas and approaches to benefit all the participants.

Watch the video below to see what some of our participants think of the service

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