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Digital Walks

The Digital Walks are QR code-driven walks in historic and interesting places. The Rekindle Research Group have researched and produced the content that an explorer sees when they scan the QR code. A user (or a family) armed with a smart phone can follow the walk and learn more about the area which includes audio and video. We also do guided walks (see below). We can even bring the experience to you and we're working on making the experience available in Middlesbrough Hubs & Libraries (click here for more info)


Stewart Park Digital Walk

This was the first project tackled by The Rekindle Research Group. If you go to the end of the car park off Ladgate Lane you will see the sign pictured to the right. Scan the QR code with your smartphone and you will embark on a journey of discovery. Hear about the day that Marton Hall burned down and about skating on the boating lake on Christmas day.

St Hilda's Digital Walk

This walk of historic Middlesbrough which starts at tye Custom House, North Street has stirred up an enormous amount of interest. Find out about Mohawk Indians in the marketplace, Russian wolves chasing the first locomotive shipped from this very place. Learn a connection to Mauritius, and the hitherto unknown tale of where L.S.Lowry tried to start his famous painting. Click to read more


Walk Talk & Learn

In partnership with Middlesbrough Community Learning, we offer three digital walks on the first three Thursdays of each month. 

To register call 01642 811 400

Click here to read blog postings of previous walks. The 3 walks are set out below.


St Hilda's North

Pretty much as above starting at the Custom House

St Hilda's South

Starting at MIMA (with another Lowry story) and ending up at The Transporter


Albert Park

Starting at the Art House on Linthorpe Road (and yet another Lowry story) and then entering Albert Park

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