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We spent this session developing content that our QR Codes would point to. Anne had provided texts for locations in Stuart Park and also images to go along with them. Present were Lynn, Edna and Leonard. I gave them each a subject to work with. We had decided to use the computers at Acklam Library. Unfortunately the computers are old and slow and VERY Microsoft centric. They only have MS Edge browser which I deplore. I find Chrome and Firefox are both better suited to creating content in the browser.

I had already created a free Wix account and experimented with this so I invited the three participants to collaborate on my account. Unfortunately this theory hit a snag in that all parties were not allowed to edit the site at once even though they would each be editing a different page. So we have to change tack and each person would need to set up their own WiX account. Luckily I had prepared a step by step guide on how to do this and I distributed these to the group. This did have the odd glitch with each user having to log onto their email accounts in the library and verify their account creation. It did not go smoothly but eventually we got there. For future sessions it may be worth creating a number of WiX accounts that a group of users could log onto to create content

The process I had envisaged was that each individual would not be creating a website but individual pages to hold content pertinent to the QR code in question. This is a subtle point because effectively they are creating a website unintentionally. This point is relevant when it comes to using the WiX interface. at all points the interface wants the user to add details of what kind of website they are creating and throws up lots of templates and suggested content. The trick is to skip as many step as possible and choose a BLANK template. Even then we were presented with various forms of blank and we chose a blank-blank template. I’ve investigated other providers of website builders and they all present the same template faff on. However WiX is the only platform (so far on my experiments) that provides a BLANK template.

At this point in time the advantages of using WiX rather than the original plan of Google Docs is:

  1. It’s free so long as you accept an advertising banner and accept the longish wix URL

  2. It produces responsive (mobile friendly) pages

  3. It provides a blank template suitable for our content curation (experimentation with templates may be worth doing)

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