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Walk 3 of Walk Talk And Learn

Today was the third and last walk in the series. Next month we rinse and repeat. Although today’s focus was Albert Park we started on the other side of the road at The Art House to hear yet another LS Lowry story which runs through the whole piece.

It was cold today in Albert Part but we had a good digital walk with extra stories thrown in by he participants. There was also a good few laughs.

As the walk ended one of our participants shared heritage maps with us of all three walks.

These three walks - “Walk Talk and Learn” will run again starting 9th May. If you want to come call 01642 811 400

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10 may

We had a great time on the walks, laughing and talking about our own and family experiences of growing up. Everyone had an interesting story to tell and rekindled their own memories of growing up, working and enjoying themselves in Middlesbrough.

Hearing about the story of our town was insightful, not just the usual history we know, but because there was always a 'story' to add! 😁

I feel prouder of the town I work for and the people who live here after completing the course. Everyone who works to improve our community and bring us all together, should do this course!😎

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