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Slack is largely used by businesses and organisations as a tool for communication, collaboration and productivity. We are using it as a social and learning platform

The Rekindle project began  2019 and delivery was in full swing and then Covid and lockdown stopped us in our tracks. We needed a way to continue delivery and support and the Slack platform was one of the solutions. Some hastily produced video tutorials were thrown up to help people continue developing skills.


Now that were back (almost) e are updating and adding to those video tutorials and you’ll find them in the “School” channel. The Slack has been updated too and the channels have been give names analogous with real world places. For instance the "Garden Centre Chanel" is most often visited by people involved in the community gardening project at Jellystone Gardens. Of course anyone is welcome to contribute and ask or answer gardening questions. The "Research Centre" is populated by members of the Rekindle Research Group. The "School" channel is where you will find this tutorial videos but we also hope that people will ask questions there and anyone with the answer will step up and offer support.

note - add a contact form for people who would  like to be involved

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