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Rekindle Women's Research Group

The Women's Research group have been investigating the stories Middlesbrough women of who gained local, national and international fame. This will eventually lead to a publication. The group created a booklet which was distributed at an event on International Women's Day 2024. The subjects include Middlesbrough’s first female MP ‘Red Ellen’ Wilkinson, the town’s first female councillors Alice Schofield-Coates and Marion Coates-Hanson, as well as the women who established Middlesbrough’s sorely needed first cottage hospital and a women’s only hospital and those who created schools and educated the children of the town.

Click here to download a PDF of the latest version of this booklet.

The group also made recordings representing the voices and stories of women, many inspired by Lady Florence Bell’s famous 1907 study into the lives of workers and their families, ‘At the Works’.


A selection of those were played at the Women's Day 2024 event, held in the outside amphitheatre MyPlace (Custom House), with QR codes installed so that visitors can listen to the stories and find out more.  Click here for a full report from International Women's Day Event 2024

Visits to the amphitheatre are best made Tuesday to Friday when the custom house is open as you will need to ask for the garden to be opened.

Hilda Place-crop.jpg

Hilda Place circa 1910

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