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Digital Tools For Family History Research

Acklam Library has an license which members of the library can use. However, unlike the full-blown ancestry dot com that you pay for it does not allow you to create a family tree. It simply emails documents and things you find to your email address. (if you don't have an email account we can help you set one up. You will need a USB stick to store the things you find. These are inexpensive and we can recommend what to get.


Evernote is a free and useful tool to store your findings. It's very easy to use and we'll show you how. You can type notes in directly or you can scan and upload documents and photos. Everything is searchable including handwritten notes. There's a brief video below about Evernote.


We're hoping to have a scanner for the club but in the meantime, we can use a smartphone or tablet to digitize pictures. Now photos of photos can be a bit iffy but the Photoscan app from google performs a little bit of magic. It is available for both Apple and Android devices. If you don't have any of these devices we can do the PhotoScan for you or if like we can advise you what device to get if you'd like to purchase one.


There is a video below about Google PhotoScan


This is a free family tree maker. It’s not as sophisticated as (the paid version) but at least it’s free. We’ve not tried it exhaustively yet but the Rekindle Research Group will be giving it a good run out. 

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