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Good as Chrome

I was given a laptop installed with a Chrome Operating System recently and decided to practise with it at the weekend. Having signed up to a project requiring some research I thought it was a good opportunity to use this new tool.

The project is about the history of St Hilda's, Middlesbrough. This area is where the town first developed, close to the river and docks, dubbed locally as 'Over the Border'. A sub project, called Inspiring Women, is looking at the life and works of some prominent women, born or based in the wider area.

The Chrome book was very easy to use and very quick, although this is in comparison to an elderly and 'bloated' laptop running Windows 10. The main drawback in my first foray was that I kept looking for functions that weren't there, such as 'Save'. Although this is because this is not required, it induced a certain panic that I'd lose all the work I'd done and have to start again.

In the end I was successfully able to hold on to the document and, in what felt like an all-in-one package, send it to a fellow researcher for comments and editing. I would recommend.

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