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UPDATED: 28/02/2023

Specifically Ancestry (all free)

Additional Digital Tools (all free)

you need to be logged onto a library computer to use the first three resources.

Ancestry (Library Edition)

click here for guide document

Find My Past (Library Edition)

Newspaper Archive (Library License)

You will be asked to sign up for an account which gives the impression of a trial period but it is entirely FREE access to the entire archive. On entering your details you may encounter an error. Ignore this and  reload the site and log on and all should be good. 


create an account and use for free

Latter Day Saints (LDS) Family Search

research and build a tree 

Family Echo

Build a Family Tree


lots of information UK and Ireland


Census Info


Parish registers

Free BDM

Births, Deaths & Marriages

Tees Valley Indexes

All records collected in one place

The Rekidle Slack is a place to socialise, ask questions and post messages. There is a dedicated Ancestry channel where you can ask questions or post details of your latest discoveries. 

We have set up a membership for you CLICK HERE to logon to your account. Enter the email address and password we gave you.

Click here for "getting started guide"

Google Docs


image editor

Google Photoscan (Click here to view video)

Use a smartphone or tablet to get a great copy of a photograph. 


Click here for iPhone or iPad

Click here for Android devices


Link Shortening

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